Principles in product photography – tips for creatives

Principles in product photography featured

Note: Until I populate this article with more examples to see the three principles in action, take a look through your own product photos and some posts from your favorite creators. More than five years have passed since I started creating with purpose and I began photographing my work. There were many lessons to learn … Read more

Tutorial: satin and organza bee

Tutorial satin and organza bee

Today’s tutorial is based on my first ever original design using the tsumami-zaiku (or tsumami kanzashi) technique. An elegant bee with just a bit of shine. Yes, I used unconventional materials and the finished piece would look nowhere near decent in the coiffure of a geiko, but this is a design for contemporary people (see how … Read more

Tutorial: egg carton roses

Tutorial egg carton roses

You’ve seen this image a thousand times. A gorgeous mirror surrounded by roses in full bloom. You know it would look perfect on your wall, the one decoration that’s missing. But the tutorials that you’ve found online don’t really tell the story of how these beauties are made and assembled. They just show different pictures … Read more

Tutorial: complex petals for handmade fabric flowers

Tutorial complex petals featured image

Learn how to create complex petals to use in innovative, lovely designs. Use your new skills to create your own flowers and insects. This tutorial is for you if: You recently started learning the tsumami kanzashi technique and like making fabric flowers or insects. You would like to know how to make the more complex … Read more

Tutorial: cardboard necklace display stand

Tutorial cardboard necklace display stand

Today I want to help you solve an important problem. Where do you get affordable and beautiful necklace displays for your handmade creations? You make them, of course. Here’s the tutorial. Skip to the steps. You make jewelry. Sometimes very pretty necklaces. You need a way to display them, but don’t have the hundreds of … Read more

Tutorial: silk, satin or organza butterflies

Silk satin and organza butterfly tutorial

This photo tutorial will teach you, step by step, how to upcycle natural or synthetic fabrics and transform them into pretty butterflies by using the tsumami kanzashi technique. If you are new to this technique, I recommend that you first learn how to make the simple petals, then the multi-layered petals for the prettiest handmade … Read more

Photo & video tutorial – kanzashi rounded petals

Tutorial rounded petals

In this tutorial I’ll teach you my own method of creating beautiful rounded tsumami kanzashi petals. Not the traditional technique, but one that will make your flowers stand out for sure. You’re new to the world of tsumami kanzashi and would love to learn how to make the petals out of silk or other fabrics, … Read more

Product photography – tips for creatives

Product photography - tips for creatives

You work all day long creating jewelry or toys or any other thing and you have an online business. You would like your items to look in your pictures just like in those big online stores. What’s their secret? For a few years now, the Internet has allowed us access to unimaginable resources. We are … Read more

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