Blackberry pudding shawl crochet pattern

Blackberry pudding shawl gradient yarn easy pattern close-up

Use  one of those magical gradient yarn cakes to make a soft and warm shawl, perfect for the looming autumn. The blackberry pudding shawl is as soft and comfortable as it sounds.  It is a shawl worked from one point (the dark wine color in the sample) and features beautiful puff stitches that flow into … Read more

C2C beach blanket – free crochet pattern

Make a beautiful and playful corner-to-corner crochet blanket that reminds you of the sun’s rays shining through deep blue waters, while soft waves travel along the surface. This blanket is made with treble stitches and lacy eyelets that create waves in the design.   Use it on the beach, on the shores of a lake … Read more

Patchy heart pillow – free amigurumi pattern

This time of the year is always the same, at least in the Northern hemisphere. Everyone’s happy that the days are getting longer and the snowdrops are starting to bloom, there’s just the slightest scent of spring in the air and there are hearts everywhere you look. Hearts, hearts, hearts, hearts, hearts. It makes me tired … Read more

Crochet pattern: In flames crescent shawl

Free In flames Crochet Crescent Shawl cover

If you’ve ever wondered how those lovely knit crescent shawls are made, but never put enough time and energy into finding out (and learning enough about knitting to figure it out), then you’ll love this crochet design that looks exactly the same. I just recently learned to knit such a crescent shawl, as I’m participating … Read more

Tutorial: round pointed petals

Tutorial pointed round petals

Similar in many ways to the pointy petal, the pointed round petal has a fuller body and is best used as an accent. Learn from this quick tutorial how to make it. You can use these petals for making lotus flowers or butterflies, as leaves or insect heads and abdomen. Skip to the video tutorial. … Read more

Principles in product photography – tips for creatives

Principles in product photography featured

Note: Until I populate this article with more examples to see the three principles in action, take a look through your own product photos and some posts from your favorite creators. More than five years have passed since I started creating with purpose and I began photographing my work. There were many lessons to learn … Read more

What’s the big deal with corner-to-corner crochet?

Crochet corner-to-corner blankets

I kept asking myself that whenever I encountered yet another c2c crochet item. Seeing all the swooning, the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ of all the people admiring the finished items made with this technique made me curious. Can I do it? I tried, I failed (several times), I didn’t give it time and patience. I used … Read more

Tutorial: satin and organza bee

Tutorial satin and organza bee

Today’s tutorial is based on my first ever original design using the tsumami-zaiku (or tsumami kanzashi) technique. An elegant bee with just a bit of shine. Yes, I used unconventional materials and the finished piece would look nowhere near decent in the coiffure of a geiko, but this is a design for contemporary people (see how … Read more

Tutorial: egg carton roses

Tutorial egg carton roses

You’ve seen this image a thousand times. A gorgeous mirror surrounded by roses in full bloom. You know it would look perfect on your wall, the one decoration that’s missing. But the tutorials that you’ve found online don’t really tell the story of how these beauties are made and assembled. They just show different pictures … Read more

Crochet these fall leaf coasters

Crochet fall leaf coasters

You’re just going around the room, carrying a cup of hot tea, admiring the nice wooden finish on all the furniture, wondering ‘Where in the name of tea should I put this cup down? It’s burning my fingers!’ and then the idea hits. You could make some nice coasters, so that next time you want … Read more

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