Kizilkaya shawl – crochet pattern 2

Have you ever visited Turkey or even just flown over it?

If you have, you may have noticed the red rocks that form most of the landscape, the beautiful layering of sedimentary rocks that have oxidized along the thousands of years they have been exposed to wind and rain.

Kemer mountain ranges

If you haven’t yet, that’s one reason to visit Turkey. That and the fact that they are one of the biggest producers of yarn in the entire world. Sure, they may not have the special colorways that indie dyers make with their magical hands (ooh, I should make a post about all the awesome indie dyers I follow in Instagram, just wait to see how amazing they are), but they do have an enormous range of products for all pockets.

Suffice to say that I returned home from our vacation to Turkey with my luggage stuffed with yarn. Two of the skeins that were part of that yarn haul are from Nako a Turkish brand. The yarn itself is called Arya Ebruli, a mostly synthetic yarn with a bit of wool and alpaca (10% and 10% of each) and a lot of shine. It’s a roving-style yarn (how I love those single-strand yarns) with a long color gradient that’s an actual gradient, not some random colors overlapping each other with spots (Alize Angora Gold, I’m looking at you).


Those two skeins have the most amazing color gradient, deep reds with a hint of brown going all the way to light gold. The yardage is really high, too, you get 550 meters for 100 grams of yarn, which is a lot, considering that you can crochet this yarn with a 4 mm hook and get a full shawl out of one skein.

Now, as you may know, I’ve been experimenting with the crescent shape in crochet ever since I made the first, simple version (the “In flames” crescent shawl). It’s not easy to come up with something that’s both beautiful, interesting and easy to explain. So I’ve tried and frogged many patterns until I just decided to continue to keep it simple.

Rainbow Kizilkaya crescent shawl

This pattern is a variation on the original, meant for much lighter yarn, for wearing during spring/summer/autumn, its shape is not a perfect crescent, as the rows of single crochet increase one side without increasing the other.

You don’t need to have a lot of crochet experience to make this, it’s really beginner friendly, as only the most basic stitches are employed.

Get the pattern

I hope you like it and tell all your friends about this new free crochet pattern. Add it to your Ravelry queue or link up your project to the pattern page here.

If you need a bit of help to start, there’s a video for this pattern now.

And if you’re left-handed, I’ve got a surprise for you. Well, not much of a surprise, I just mirrored most of the video, so you can also work along with a video.

If you make it and want to let me know, tag me on Instagram @yarnadndy and use #Kizilkayashawl so I can see it and feature your project in my stories.

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If you’d like to try another simple crescent pattern, check out the In flames pattern I published earlier this year.

Thanks for coming by and trying my new pattern. I can’t wait to see your projects using it!



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