Sketches for a crochet poncho-style cardigan

These are quick sketches I did based on images of cardigans made by Bo-M crochet. They have nothing to do with how a kimono is constructed, so I will not use that name.

Please don’t tell me I’m infringing any copyright, because I’m not. These are my drawings made by looking at some pictures of clothes. Clothes do not benefit from copyright, so that’s that.

If I end up making this cardigan (which has a really nice construction), I will write the pattern and publish it as free because I think anyone who wants to make this should be able to make this.

When making this cardigan, you will want to have some measurements, especially for the back.


Start with one ‘wing’ panel, a quarter of a granny square, grow it to half of the width of the back, then stop increasing on one side, creating a parallel to the diagonal. Stop increasing before the front collar (upper part of the V) reaches the length of the back collar (lower part of the V), so the two sides do not overlap. Keep decreasing on both sides until you make a square tip.

Write down how many stitches and rows/increases/decreases you have and make another identical panel, going in the mirror direction.

Stitch these two together along the shortest edge. The dashed lines show where the sleeves and back will fold (like in origami).

Pick a width for the middle of the lower panel. You can start from the bottom (the short side of the trapeze) and increase until you get the desired width.

Sew the lower panel only on the middle part and the two sections adjacent to it. Then sew the sleeves down to the middle of the cardigan, by connecting the sections marked l1 (with the other l1) and l2 (with the other l2).

After the main panels are sewn together, choose a border and follow all the edges of the cardigan. Add fringe or tassels.

I hope these instructions help you create a wonderful cardigan.


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