Gooseberry marmalade shawl crochet pattern

What do you imagine when I say ”gooseberry”?
Is it a small, round fruit with stripes on it? Is it a sweet and refreshing taste in the depth of summer? Is it warm air caressing your face while you try to get a whiff of that marmalade that’s cooking on the stove, fresh and slightly tangy?
Or maybe you’ve never tried them (I’m pretty sure I have, but I have no definitive memories of them). But they’re still so pretty.
The rich color palette in this beautiful Caribe yarn by Miss Tricot Filati (no sponsorship here, I just found their yarn in a yarn store in Italy on a trip and bought it to support the local economy) coupled with the textured stripes of my latest shawl design just begged for another food-related name.

So Gooseberry marmalade it is.
If you’re not yet tired of crescent shawls (I know I’m not), then you’ll surely enjoy this new, simple project, also perfect for taking with you everywhere because you only need one yarn cake.

The novelty comes in the form of front post double-crochet stitches (which are almost the same as the classical Dc, except you work around the post of the stitch below, not through its top) and the playful popcorn stitches that form the border.

I’ve done my best to make this pattern as clear as possible, but it will still benefit from testing.
If you tested this pattern, please fill out this feedback form. The testing will end on July 7th and the final version of the pattern will be available on July 10th.
Click the button below to download the pattern or click on this link to get the pattern in your Ravelry library.

Don’t forget to link your project to the pattern page on Ravelry and tag me @yarnadndy or use the #gooseberryshawl on Instagram, so I can see and share what you made.
Please keep in mind that this pattern is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. You can read more about the terms on the dedicated page.
If you want to support me in making more free patterns, please consider donating the equivalent of a cup of your favorite brew.

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Thank you for trying out my pattern. If you like this shape, you may also enjoy my other free shawl patterns:

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I wish you a wonderful summer!

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