C2c corner-to-corner crochet baby blanket 4
I kept asking myself that whenever I encountered yet another c2c crochet item. Seeing all the swooning, the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ of all the people admiring the finished items made with this technique made me curious. Can I do it? I […]

What’s the big deal with corner-to-corner crochet?

Crochet Kindle case - free pattern
Skip to the pattern Yes, I know what you’re thinking, what’s with that typo in the title? Isn’t it supposed to be bubble-wrap? The answer would be yes, if you’re thinking of two plastic sheets fused together, trapping air bubbles in […]

Bobble-wrap Kindle case crochet pattern

Tutorial satin and organza bee
Today’s tutorial is based on my first ever original design using the tsumami-zaiku (or tsumami kanzashi) technique. An elegant bee with just a bit of shine. Yes, I used unconventional materials and the finished piece would look nowhere near decent in the […]

Tutorial: satin and organza bee

What does it feel like to be caressed every morning by soft petals? Or to plop down on the sofa after an exhausting day and, instead of calling the cat to sit on you so you can have your one-on-one session […]

Make yourself a neverending wildflower pillowcase

Crochet autumn leaves coaster - finished
You’re just going around the room, carrying a cup of hot tea, admiring the nice wooden finish on all the furniture, wondering ‘Where in the name of tea should I put this cup down? It’s burning my fingers!’ and then the […]

Crochet these fall leaf coasters

Cercei rosii kanzashi satin - flori de mina
What do you need to do to have one pair of those gorgeous fabric flower earrings? It’s not complicated, you can learn it all from this tutorial I made for you. After many experiments, I finally came up with a method […]

Tutorial: fabric flower earrings

You’ve seen them everywhere. On Pinterest, on your Facebook wall, in magazines, maybe. I have no idea where you get your inspiration from, but I sure did want to make some of these lovely roses. The only problem was that I […]

DIY egg carton flower tutorial

Tutorial silk iris flower
In this photo tutorial, I will teach you how to create this beautiful iris flower out of upcycled (or new) fabrics. Enjoy and share! Skip to the steps. It’s spring, the sun shines warmly and the bees are buzzing around, happily […]

Tutorial: silk and organza iris

Tutorial flori kanzashi de cires
The cherry blossom, that elegant symbol of spring, will surely become your best friend after you learn how to make one to your own liking. Try different fabrics, make more or less petals, play around with the design and experience the […]

Tutorial: upcycled fabric cherry blossoms

Cute satin bee 2
Do you create stuff and take photos of it, but don’t really know or care how photography works? Do you want to improve your photos really easily and can’t afford to buy proprietary software (or wouldn’t be able to use it […]

Quick white balance in GIMP 2.8

DIY satin dahlia tutorial - fabric flower, hair clip, brooch
Follow this tutorial to create cute tiny dahlias that you can wear in your hair, as a brooch or give as presents to your loved ones. The dahlia is a generous flower, enveloping you in its perfume, charming you with its […]

Photo tutorial: satin dahlia – handmade fabric flower

Tutorial cardboard necklace display stand
Today I want to help you solve an important problem. Where do you get affordable and beautiful necklace displays for your handmade creations? You make them, of course. Here’s the tutorial. Skip to the steps. You make jewelry. Sometimes very pretty […]

Tutorial: cardboard necklace display stand

Tutorial petale kanzashi inguste - pasul-14
The pointy petals are the easiest ones to make. They also require less precision, although they look great in chrysanthemums, gerberas and in more complex combinations, such as the lotus flowers. This tutorial will teach you the basic moves that you’ll […]

Photo and video tutorial – Pointy kanzashi petals

Silk satin and organza butterfly tutorial 5
This photo tutorial will teach you, step by step, how to upcycle natural or synthetic fabrics and transform them into pretty butterflies by using the tsumami kanzashi technique. If you are new to this technique, I recommend that you first learn […]

Tutorial: silk, satin or organza butterflies

Tutorial rounded petals
In this tutorial I’ll teach you my own method of creating beautiful rounded tsumami kanzashi petals. Not the traditional technique, but one that will make your flowers stand out for sure. You’re new to the world of tsumami kanzashi and would […]

Photo & video tutorial – kanzashi rounded petals

You work all day long creating jewelry or toys or any other thing and you have an online business. You would like your items to look in your pictures just like in those big online stores. What’s their secret? For a […]

How to take awesome product photos and edit them on ...